Recycling Figures

As a young aspiring artist, in addition to a drive to develop, you also need a compass. For me as a student, Brancusi with his timeless design and Henry Moore were a source of inspiration. The latter in particular knows how to turn a lying figure into complex figures where the space between them is at least as interesting as the actual shapes. In my current Recycling Figures I want to continue this theme in a contemporary way with recycled brass plate.

Large Red Statue for Hengelo

On June 7, 2024, the large red statue for Hengelo, by the sculptor Jan Wils, was unveiled in Hengelo. The new name for the statue emerged from a competition among residents of Hengelo: “WILSPOWER”.

The name of the statue is a tribute to the city and the creator of statue. (photos of the unveiling are from Emile Urban/

On the occasion of the unveiling, Wouter Munsterman wrote the following poem:

Image of humanity

Maybe hands

maybe feet,

maybe something in between.

Reaching for the sky

in confidence or in despair,

maybe something in between.

How much it takes to be human.

The contradictions within yourself can

only unite with a soft heart.

I see an image , perhaps humanity

who moves in stumbling steps,

maybe paused for a while

it has velvet willpower.

The large red sculpture under construction in the factory in Geldrop

The way to realization of the large red statue

All that remains now is to adjust the planting and paving around the statue. The location is completely in order in the spring.


More than 65 years ago, production of the Daffodil, the cart with the clever gear lever, started at the DAF factory on the Geldropseweg in Eindhoven. People were needed to actually make these cars and so houses were built near the factory and were given the name of the Burghplan district. Now 65 years later, the S.B.O.B., the neighborhood association, has started an initiative to crown this anniversary with a work of art. I was instructed to come up with something for this and also to help determine the location. I soon decided to actually use the famous Dafjes as a starting point. These typical cars combined with the shape of the bridges over the nearby Jan van Eyckgracht are the basis for the artwork. In March, work will start at the location on Sint Petrus Canisiuslaan Eindhoven for the Beppino Sarto primary school by installing two steel frames with dimensions of 3 x 5 meters. Shotcrete is applied over this and then painted in the colors of a daffodil.

The statue on St Petrus Canisiuslaan Eindhoven will be unveiled on May 26, 2024 by Mayor Jeroen Dijsselbloem.