The first landing on the moon made a great impression on me as a child. I later learned that America was the first country to achieve this since, years prior, President Kennedy had called upon various scientific disciplines to share their knowledge.

The Eindhoven High Tech Campus is another such place where scientific disciplines come together, reinforcing one another. More patents are being applied for here per day than anywhere else. This is something I want to use, to make people aware of how special this is.

‘One Step’ consists of two enormous legs at the edge of the pond, slowly moving forwards and backwards. Whenever a patent application takes place, the front leg moves all the way forward, its toe touching the water. The ripples this produces in the water symbolise the birth of a patent, moving into the world and affecting all of our lives. The name refers to astronaut Armstrong’s legendary words: ‘That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind’.

My dream is to place ‘One Step’ on the High Tech Campus. I want to achieve this together with technicians, students and business people..

I maded a short vimeo about the background of this project.

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