Each assignment I see as a challenge to find the best possible interpretation, without prejudice. An interpretation that triggers people to think. This is why I don’t select my material or format beforehand, to avoid simply ‘performing’ the expected. No-one would benefit from that – not the client commissioning the work who would not get the best result, but neither would I, running the risk of becoming a one-trick pony.

My starting point for a commission for Muziekcentrum Frits Philips was the following question: “What are the things you do at the theatre?” Enjoying a night out, escaping the daily humdrum and surrendering yourself to the things you are about to see and hear on stage. ‘Urbanisation’ is a gate, symbolising the transition between real life and stage life. The arched, oblong, open form is blue at the front. The back is black, symbolising the world of excitement, mysticism, the unexpected. The inside is ragged, rough. Unconsciously, I chose terrazzo for the construction; the same material used for the Colosseum in Rome, which is – undoubtedly – the ultimate theatre.

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