Made of transparent, soft-blue PVC, the ‘Kathedraal van het wasgoed’ (‘Cathedral of Laundry’) is an object primarily meant to be touched. It hangs in a crosswise pattern within reach and consists of the dangling outlines of legs, like laundry on a clothes line. The airflow generates constant movement. Due to the open nature there are some parts where you can see through and some parts where the legs overlap. This creates an interesting play of light, reminiscent of the stained glass windows in a cathedral. The object hangs in space, majestically like laundry, similar to old black-and-white photos from Marken and Volendam where washing lines stretched across the polder like a large family’s proud pennants. Nowadays washing lines are disappearing more and more, in favour of clothes dryers. Anyone who’s ever visited Italy however, will have a completely different view on the beauty of laundry.

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